• Gerson Cervantes

    From the age of six, Gerson has been learning and expanding his jewelry manufacturing knowledge and skills. He grew up in a family of jewelers and each day after school he would go to his father's factory. Later, he worked as a teacher in a jewelry school teaching technical skills to jewelers. After teaching he spent the next 12 years working as a jeweler in Los Angeles, CA. The opportunity came for Gerson to open his own business and in 2015 he opened GCD Custom Design and Jewelry Repair. In addition to design and repair, Gerson also began teaching once again and offered classes to both jewelry novices and trained jewelers.

  • Lori Wanner

    Lori had her start in the jewelry industry in 2005 when she began working for a jewelry importer. She had the opportunity to visit jewelry manufacturers in both India and Jordan. It was during that time that she learned about ethically sourced jewelry. Lori is a GIA trained professional, who began as an estate jewelry buyer, diamond grader, and staff trainer for the Great Estate Roadshow in 2008. She later became a senior buyer for Circa, one of the earliest providers of nationwide jewelry buying services to the public. While at Circa, Lori maintained client relationships that stretched from Beverly Hills to New York City. In 2016 Lori decided to pursue design and began creating fine jewelry made of Fairmined metals while remaining in estate jewelry. In 2019 she joined The RealReal as a Senior Valuation Manager for Fine Jewelry and Watches.

  • How We Met

    In 2015, before meeting Gerson I had some designs in mind and had been on the hunt for a jeweler. I met with a couple in New York but none were willing to give me the time of day.
    I was transferred to LA for work and a friend of mine was having earrings made for a client. He went on about how this jeweler he met was friendly and great to work with. My response was, let me see the earrings once they are complete and what he charged you!
    When I saw the final result and that he was reasonably priced I said “Take me to your guy!”
    I showed up to Gerson’s shop with hand drawings and examples of components I wanted to use on the pendants I was asking him to make.
    He took the time to listen to my ideas and create some samples for me. I was so pleased with the results and well…the rest is history! Here we are years later doing what we love, together!

  • Our Mission

    To share our expertise and offer a personalized jewelry experience. Whether you are looking to create a custom piece, restore an heirloom, purchase a diamond or colored gemstone, or find the perfect estate item to add to your jewelry wardrobe. We lead you through the jewelry design or buying process every step of the way.

  • Our Approach

    We are called "Hidden Gem" because we are just that; Hidden (in West Palm Beach. FL)! We work with clients all over the United States offering Virtual Jewelry Consults for all of our services! Our clients trust our expertise in jewelry design, diamond, gemstone and estate jewelry sourcing. No matter where you are located, we are happy to work with you virtually!

  • Our Philosophy

    We believe that jewelry should spark goodness in the life of the receiver as well as into the lives of all who were involved in bringing a piece of jewelry to life. Our jewelry is made in Fairmined Gold and we do our best to source estate diamonds and gemstones. All of our jewelry is manufactured in the United States. We partner with lapidaries to offer ethically cut gemstones and diamonds. One of of the many reasons we love estate and heirloom jewelry projects is because they are another way to up-cycle pieces.

How the process works

Diamond & Gemstone Sourcing

We want to help you source the diamond or gemstone that is just right for you! During this time we discuss budget and what is most important to you be it size, shape or color. We have access to an array of diamonds and gemstones and want to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for!

Diamond or Gemstone Review

After the diamond or gemstone consult we get to work sourcing you various options. We compile photos, videos and lab reports of each diamond or gemstone we present to you.

In Person Review

We give our professional gemological guidance during the selection process. However, we know that purchasing a diamond or gemstone can be difficult for some without seeing it in person. Once you have selected and purchased your stone we will send it to you with a 3 day full money back guarantee!

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