• Our Promise to Clients & Suppliers

    We do our best to educate ourselves on the ethical jewelry options in the form of raw materials that are available on the market. This requires staying up to date with new mining, cutting and raw material sourcing initiatives. We are so glad that ethical sourcing is gaining popularity in the marketplace and we plan to support those initiatives through sourcing our materials with these companies when possible.

    Hidden Gem Jewelry Lab and the jewelry industry as a whole has a long road ahead of us as we continue to grow and expand ethically sourced raw materials. We are excited for that journey and happy to be a part of it by striving to offer our clients jewelry they can be proud to wear knowing that it benefited all parties involved from mine to market!

  • Ethically Sourced Materials

    Metal - We are proud to be Fairmined Certified. All of our gold jewelry is made from Fairmined Gold. All of our silver jewelry is made from Fairmined silver when available or recycled silver.

    Diamonds - Many of our designs are made from deconstructed jewelry allowing us to reuse diamonds. We purchase recycled diamonds both in the form of small accent stones up to large center stones for engagement rings. We also seek out and source from diamond and gemstone manufacturer's that work directly with mining communities and stone cutters.

    Gemstones - Just like diamonds, oftentimes our gemstones come from deconstructed jewelry that we recycle into new creations.

  • Ethically Sourced Labor

    Cutting - Refurbishing recycled jewelry often leaves us with abraded gemstones and diamonds. All of our stones are recut and polished either in the New York City Diamond District or Los Angeles Jewelry District.

    Jewelry Manufacturing - All of our jewelry is manufactured in the United States. We put much research into learning best practices for proper ventilation and equipment safety.